Long before Edison’s Kinetoscope brought moving pictures to life, before Morse sent the first telegram, before Gutenberg’s printing press spread the written word across the globe, the bard shouldered the burden of spreading the news of the day. These poets traveled from village to village, town to town, city to city singing tales and sharing the news.

As modern day bards, we have many new tools at our fingertips.

We are no longer limited to how far we walk in a day or how much we can speak before our voice gets hoarse. Today’s new technology allows stories to be told immediately, everywhere in the world. We harness this technology and lend our expertise to our clients, telling their story to any audience they choose.

As a full service production company we can develop your story from concept to completion or fill individual roles (providing a video crew, editing, producing, etc.).

Our team members have worked on countless hours of programming for nearly all of the major networks, have covered everything from major breaking news to historical and sporting events, and have hundreds of corporate, non-profit, and association video credits under their belts.

Your story needs to be told – how can we help you tell it?

Your story needs to be told.

How can we help you tell it?

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