On Time and on Budget

Budgeting can be hard, but it doesn't have to be.

We can provide a competitive quote based on your requirements, providing some of the best talent in the business at reasonable prices.

Or we offer an alternative: tell us about your project, give us a budget and we'll design the best production possible around your budget.

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Bard Tales on the set

Our Services

  • Pre-Production: Our producers and writers will help craft your message, write your script, gather necessary permits, plan your shoots, hire your actors, and any other steps towards executing your project.

  • High Definition Technology: HD is just scratching the surface of describing what the newest technology can do. Much like selecting a doctor based on their specializations, we can help you choose the best tool for the job. For the techies out there we primarily use the Sony XDCam codecs and solid state memory: F3, PMW-350, and EX-3. HDCam, DVCPro, DVCam, BetaSP, and numerous tape cameras also available.
    Call and ask about specialty cameras for film, extreme resolutions (2x, 4x) or highspeed frame rates.
  • Tools of the Trade: If your shoot needs it, we'll bring it. Camera dollies, jibs, cranes, and SteadyCam to bring movement into your shots. GoPros and lipstick cameras for an extra vantage point. Green screens and backdrops to make your talent stand out.
  • Complete Crews: Along with our directors of photography we have sound engineers, grips and gaffers, teleprompter operators, makeup artists, production assistants and numerous other professionals to fill in roles as needed. Credentialed members of the US Congressional News Galleries and crews with passports are not a problem!
  • Lighting: No matter if we are shooting indoors or outdoors, daylight or tungsten, we have the professional lighting packages to make your subjects look great.

  • Post Production: Our editors will handle all of your post production challenges (video editing, motion graphics, sound design, etc.) to give your video the polish that will take it to the next level.

  • Publishing: Wherever your project needs to go and whomever needs to see it, we can get it there. We have the know-how to stream your video live via satellite or the internet, compress it for the web, burn it to DVDs, lay it to tape, or anything else you need.
  • ... And More: Every project is different, and we're always happy to track down and implement the last pieces of the puzzle to make your project a success.