We have been very fortunate to work on an amazing array of projects for an equally amazing array of clients. Here is a small sample of the great work the team at Bard Tales does every day.

Bard Tales on the set


Bard Tales on the set

Bard Tales' Reel

Bard Tales' 360° video/VR Reel

Bard Tales Productions had the pleasure to work on a lot of VR content in 2016. Here is a sample of some of our favorites.
Requires the latest YouTube app for optimal 360 experience functionality. Viewable only on iOS, Android or desktop (Chrome & Firefox)

You Throw Like a Girl

AAUW PSA - Premiered at the LA Sparks game and is screening at WNBA games accross the country

The CLR of Oz

Did you know CLR carries the EPA's Design for Environment designation? Neither did the Scarecrow!

The Black Friday Games

A bitingly satirical look at Black Friday and the literally cutthroat consumer culture it inspires.

AAUW: 125 Years of Fellowships & Grants

The American Association of University Women came to Bard Tales for videos for this year's convention.
This video highlights their long history of funding women in higher education.

Teach For America: Baltimore

When Teach For America was preparing for their “We Can’t Wait” Baltimore Educational Equity Summit, Bard Tales helped to create their event kickoff film.

Commercial for Mangrate

The company known for manly grilling accessories tasked Bard Tales with their Black Friday commercials.

Lotsa Helping Hands

Bard Tales was asked to answer the question "What is so unique about Lotsa Helping Hands?"