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2500 Days

By Chad Horn on August 29th, 2015

2500 days. That's how many days I've been out in the field if Quickbooks is to believed. Over those 2500 days I've filled almost every role on a set there was to be filled. I got coffee and had timesheets signed. I've powdered Mike Tyson's head after he lost a big fight. I PAed for a crew interviewing Bill Clinton, I recorded sound for a spot with George Bush, and I've produced for a crew shooting Barack Obama. I've been behind the camera for Sports Center, I've been in front of the camera (albeit briefly) for The Daily Show. And along that path, I founded Bard Tales and we've created hundreds of videos for our clients.
It has been quite a wild ride. Thank you to all of my colleagues and clients for all of the experiences.

Shoot #2500 was a fun day with two young actors as they debate trespassing in an abandoned building. For the Department of Health & Human Services, this PSA will air on Channel 1 (the in-school news network for students) as well as on their website.
Here are a few behind-the-scenes pictures from shoot #2500 (*Edit 10/28* The video is finished and now online, replacing the photos):