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Catching Your Audience

By Chad Horn on June 1st, 2015

Recently here at Bard Tales we've been taking a deeper look at our story crafting process, figuring out not just what makes a great story but analyzing who watches videos, and how they watch videos, to better capture that coveted audience. With YouTube and Facebook analytics it has become even easier to see who is watching your content, where they are watching it from, and for how long they watch your content. This lets us better understand what went right, what went wrong, and how to do better next time.

A look at Black Friday Games StatsFirst, where are they watching? When I started in this business I was working on broadcast television shows more than anything else. Big screens, all calibrated the same way and all of the content was roughly delivered the same way. Now, 50% of all videos are being watched on smart phones with little rinky dinky speakers. We can't sit still and do things the same way we did it 10 years ago, so we've adapted. Bigger text on screen, an audio mix that is designed for a speaker that won't have a lot of bass (because its so tiny), limiting the darkest of darks and the lightest of lights because the small screens just don't handle contrast as well as your living room's TV.

Black Friday Games Audience RetentionAnd most importantly, we've been thinking about engagement. I've heard the average view on YouTube is 16 seconds. If you don't catch your audience right away, you lose them. If you ever let your content lag, you lose them. Not only do we need to communicate concisely, our audience has so many choices for content that if we don't engage them and put forth a highly polished product they'll just click onto a different video, a different channel, a different site.

We've already thought all this through, and we keep learning more and more every day, to make sure the video content we create with you will engage a large audience and hold onto them.