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A Political Cycle

By Chad Horn on November 5th, 2014

For the three months leading up to the November 4 elections, Bard Tales Productions’ editors have been extremely busy. Bard Tales spent that time creating political ads for Sway, a strategic communications and multi-media production company. SWAY specializes in delivering strategy and media that help win campaigns, build support for issues, and improve positioning and imaging of organizations and non-profits.

In a little less than three months, Bard Tales worked with Sway to create more than 100 ads for candidates for congress, state representative and more, as well as ads for political action groups. Bard Tales provided full post-production support—from editing to graphics to color correction, you name it. This kept us very busy. As the election grew nearer, our editors really picked up the pace; some of our editors put in 80-hours weeks during the final month of campaign season.

Even though we are based in the D.C.-area, on November 4, we found ourselves rooting for candidates throughout the country and were thrilled to see that some of our ads may have played a role in major upsets in Rhode Island and Oregon.

It was a rewarding experience, but we’re definitely happy campaign season is over so we can all get some sleep! Once the tired haze wears off, we will be ready to go next season! In the meantime, here are a few samples of our work: